Plumbing report

I managed to find a plumber who came with good reviews, and he was even available to come and look at the leak this morning.  Wonders will never cease!  He had a look at the leaking pipe, and confirmed that yes, it is leaking, but that it needs some parts that he didn’t have, so he’ll have to come back later in the week (or maybe next week… usual Christchurch problem of the few decent tradespeople being booked out for the foreseeable future).  So the leak isn’t fixed yet, but by the look of it it’s been slowly seeping for quite some time, so a little bit longer won’t hurt.
I talked to him too about some other plumbing work I was considering getting done, of the future-proofing variety, and was impressed when he told me not to get it done, because it wouldn’t actually be worth it.  I always feel more trusting of tradespeople when they give you advice that means they’ll miss out on work 🙂

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