Apparently there was some sort of sporting event last night which people were getting kind of excited about (the turnout at Toastmasters was the lowest I’ve seen since the coldest days of winter – presumably everyone was at home watching the match).  I enjoyed Harvestbird’s commentary – she sent me regular tweets about the relative merits of the players’ beards (which of course is much more important than trivialities like who’s winning).
We finally, after nearly a week without it, have the QuakeStudies site back.  I’m glad, because I was starting to struggle to find enough useful work for the team to do in its absence.  The not so good news, though, is that nobody’s entirely sure what caused the problem in the first place, which means we don’t know how to prevent it happening again. But anyway, if you wanted to see those cool IHC videos I mentioned last week, you finally can:

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