Friday nights in the Square

I met Lytteltonwitch in town after work again tonight so we could sample more of the delights of the food trucks in the Square.  Not that there were all that many delights to be had, actually – the season is almost over (next Friday is the last until next summer), so there were only a handful of trucks there – nowhere near the selection there were last time.  Jan was there with her puddings, though, so after a quick stop for souvlaki we stopped off at her caravan for tea and sticky toffee pudding (actually, I ended up having two desserts – I couldn’t resist grabbing some churros from another stall, seeing as it would probably being my last chance for freshly cooked churros for many many months, but I also wanted to support Jan, so I got a pudding from her as well.  I am very very full now!).
No wizards or line dancers in attendance this time – the only entertainment was the sight of a couple of patched gang members* riding their Harleys into the Square.  Luckily they didn’t seem to be there to cause trouble, and left again not long after, because the security guard who’s supposed to patrol the market was suddenly conspicuous by his absence (I don’t really blame him – I don’t think I’d have wanted to confront them either).
*Yes, sometimes Christchurch does live up to its stereotypes…

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  1. I enjoyed my coconut sponge pudding and the Square was very quiet compared to other Friday nights. I hope that they do it again next year.Did about three noisy obnoxious young men come into the bus exchange before your bus left. They had walked in front of cars who had the green light and then had the cheek to abuse the car drivers.

    1. My bus arrived almost immediately after you left, so I was spared any contact with obnoxious young men. Just missed the 120 at Riccarton, but I managed to get an Orbiter, so not too long a walk in the dark at the other end.

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