I was planning on doing some more work on the next bird today (it’s been kind of on hiatus while I was sick, because I couldn’t concentrate well enough), but then I got inspired to make a mug rug as a quick present for Judy, a colleague who’s retiring on Tuesday.  Yeah, you know where this is going – me and quick projects just don’t go together.  I couldn’t find a pattern I liked, so I ended up combining two different patterns together, and time got away from me (not to mention that I spent a chunk of the afternoon making a hare casserole (because I cleaned out the freezer yesterday and discovered I still had some of the wild meats Brother gave me last year, so thought I’d better start using it up before it gets too old) and a fruit sponge pudding (to use up the last few peaches that Harvestbird gave me)… yeah, I think I’m finally over my cold, seeing as I’ve suddenly got all this renewed energy for cooking and cleaning), so I’ve only got the top done.  If I want to give it to her on Tuesday I’m going to have to get it quilted and the binding put on tomorrow night.  Could be a busy night (good thing I can just heat up some leftover hare for dinner 🙂 ).
Looks quite good so far, though (if you ignore the slightly wonky top on one of the cups):

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  1. Very nice. I saw a collection of quilts displayed at the South library done by members of new New Zealanders who meet up for friendship and English lessons.
    Were your family in Alexandra OK after the flooding.

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