Most rushed job ever

But I got it done!

(I’ll try and remember to take a better photo in the morning when the light’s better, before I wrap it up to take into work and Judy’s farewell party).
I had ambitious plans to quilt it with a leafy or flowery design, but then I reminded myself I only had a couple of hours, so sense reigned and I fell back to the reliable meandering that I know I can do without too many mistakes (well, as long as you don’t look *too* closely).  I did “stitch the ditch” around the teacups though, to make them stand out a bit, which I think worked pretty well.
The binding is a very quick machine-sewn version (thanks Dancingstar for teaching me that hand-sewing is not the answer 🙂 ) that’s a bit rough in places, but the faults are mostly only visible on the back so I reckon nobody will ever notice.
So, mat quilted and bound in just 1 hour and 18 minutes.  Reckon that’s got to be some sort of record 🙂
And now I’m going to go and make myself some nice calming herbal tea and collapse with a book for a while – I’m exhausted!

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