The right tools for the job

While it’s true that a good worker never blames his or her tools, it’s also true that for an unskilled dabbler, using the right tools for the job can make all the difference.
For example, these are not the right tools for cutting patchwork squares:

So after a text from Mum pointing out my general stupidity in this matter, I decided it was time to rectify matters.
One quick lunch-break visit to Make Cafe and a little advice from the ever-helpful Tartankiwi later, I am now in possession of the right tools for the job:

The cutter and ruler are an early Christmas present from Mum, and the mat is an early Christmas present from myself 🙂  And together, they should make cutting out the remaining few hundred squares (and all my future fabric creations) a lot easier, and definitely a whole lot faster!
Thanks Mum!

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  1. well done that girl. Would have been so much easier if you had started with the RCTR lesson – Real Cool Tools Rules. Happy Early Christmas to you, and keep the fun photographs coming thru – love them.

    1. Yeah, I’ve seen quilts done that way – definitely a lot faster, but it wouldn’t work for this project because of needing specific squares to define the faces. So it’s back to cutting out squares for me…

  2. It is easier, but I still find it easier sometimes to use my cardboard or plastic template and a pencil, especially if I’m fussy cutting. I like the old ways, because I’m use to them I guess. I do use my cutting mat more than I do the rotary cutter. Also, did you know that you can get a blade that pinks the edges?

    1. Blades that pink? Oh no, now you’ve introduced me to a whole new range of toys – I mean, important tools – that I absolutely need to buy!
      This is why I try and limit my exposure to new hobbies… 🙂

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