Beautiful things

Look what was waiting for me in my letterbox when I got home tonight:

Yep, the wonderful Yetzirah sent me a copy of her watercolour cat! And a bonus little bird! Thanks Yetzirah – they’re just as gorgeous in person as they were on the screen. I’ll have to go in search of a suitable frame at the weekend – they’re definitely going on my wall of art.
And talking of pretty things, lookit what I made myself last night:

There’s a new craft shop in Church Corner (with attached cafe – perfect!) which offers classes, and they’re are almost all in the evenings or weekends, so I can actually go to some of them (unlike the classes at Hands, which all seem to be held during the day on weekdays – I suspect their proximity to Merivale means they cater mostly to the ‘ladies who lunch’ types who don’t have to do anything as menial as work).
So last night I went to a class on making a charm bracelet, and the above prettiness was the result.  It was a really fun class, too – there were only three of us enrolled, so we all just sat round a small table with the tutor.  And although she’d made up little kits with the components we needed to make the bracelet, she had a huge collection of other beads and charms with her, and let us swap out anything from our kits so we could create exactly the bracelet we wanted. So we all ended up with completely different bracelets despite starting from the same basic components.  Don’t know if I’ll ever take up jewellery making as a hobby (it looks like it could get very expensive fast, plus there’s the whole too many hobbies already thing), but it was fun giving it a go.
Oh, and tea and cake was included in the price of the class, so it was all very civilised!

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  1. Loved Yetzirah’s cat and the little bird. She’s a talented young lady.
    How interesting that the three of you in the craft class ended up with completely different bracelets.
    I wonder whether you have Paper Plus in Chch and whether it would have similar stock to that in Upper Hutt. The reason I ask is because toay I was looking therein and the staff were unpacking a special delivery of craft books, wonderful different craft books. I was told that each year for Mothers’ day the have a special order of craft books that they don’t normally stock. Some very tempting things there and supposedly marked 50% off. Suggest you have a look. I saw at least one bead book. Go Go Go

    1. I think there’s a Paper Plus at Northlands, so I’ll head up there at the weekend and check it out – thanks for the heads up!

  2. I can’t believe how fast that got to you!
    Kudos to the postal service!
    It was a joy to make it for you and I hope it always makes you smile!

    1. I was amazed how quickly it got here – I wasn’t expecting to see it for weeks!
      It will definitely always make me smile. Thank you again!

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