First of December, so theoretically it’s the first day of summer today. So of course it’s cold and wet and miserable.  I don’t know why I’m surprised, really, because Christchurch does this every year – we have a hot November and we all think summer has come early, then it turns cold again in December just when everyone starts planning barbeques for their end of year parties.  It never gets reliably summery until after Christmas, yet we’re all always so disappointed that it’s not hot in December.
Of course, the really horrible bit about the warm November/cold December trick is that all those spiders that came out of hibernation in the hot weather are looking for somewhere warm and dry to hang out now that it’s turned cold again, so they come inside the house.  I found the most enormous spider sitting on the couch when I got home tonight (I think he’d been watching TV and generally making himself at home).  Needless to say he was escorted back outside very rapidly.  (Yes, I know you would have kept him as a pet, Lytteltonwitch – just be thankful I didn’t hit him with the dictionary!)

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