I'd like to thank the Academy…

CEISMIC has been shortlisted for the NZ Open Source Awards, so we’ve been invited to the awards dinner in Wellington.  None of the bosses are available to go, so today they asked if I’d like to go in their place, and take one of the team with me.  So I get to go to a fancy awards dinner (well, fancy-ish – thankfully it’s not black tie, just business dress, or I’d have nothing suitable to wear!), and spend the night in Wellington.  The scary part is, if we win, we’ll have to go up and accept the award, and make an acceptance speech.  Which, as the more senior team member, it’ll fall on my shoulders to do.  Eeek!  Here’s where we see if all those Toastmasters meetings pay off, I guess…
I thought about stretching the trip into a long weekend, but it’s on a Wednesday night (12 November), so that would be a very long weekend.  I could probably work the flights so that I get most of the day up there though, either on the Wednesday or the Thursday, so if any of the Wellingtonians want to meet up for lunch, let me know asap what day would suit better and I’ll try and book flights accordingly.

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