What happens in Vegas

Toastmasters tonight, and my fifth prepared speech, which means I’m half way through the first qualification, “The Competent Communicator”.  Each speech is supposed to focus on a particular skill, and tonight’s was on using body language.  I was instructed to pick a topic that would let me use lots of body language while talking, so I wrote a speech reminiscing about visiting a casino in Las Vegas (loosely based on this blog post, but exaggerated a bit for effect), which afforded plenty of opportunity for acting out the spin of the roulette wheels and the concentration on the faces of the gamblers.  The speech went fantastically well, and I got a really good evaluation for it (and there was an American in the audience who told me at supper that my description had captured it perfectly!), so I’m feeling pretty happy about my efforts.  Plus it was just fun revisiting those memories 🙂

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