A cat and a sunny spot

For a change, this weekend arrived with nothing written into my diary.  It actually left me feeling slightly at a loss this morning – I seem to have had something planned every weekend for months, so not having to work around being at some particular place at some particular time felt weird.  But I quickly brushed off the weirdness and went for a walk over to Hands, to get some more tiles to finish off my mosaic (luckily they had one packet left of that particular colour!), and some grout for when I get to that stage.  I stopped off at a nearby cafe for a late breakfast before walking home again,  It was at a new to me place (though I think it’s been there for a few years), that I don’t think I’ll frequent again – the food was ok (though not fantastic), but seriously overpriced, and the service was really rough.  Perhaps it should have been a clue that the place was half empty at 10 am on a sunny Saturday, when most cafes are packed with brunchers.
I had great intentions of getting all sorts of stuff done when I got home, but there was a sunny spot and a cat, so… yeah, not much achieved with the rest of the day (but if you’re going to not achieve anything, a cat and a sunny spot is the pleasantest way to do so!).  I did manage to stick the last few tiles round the edge of my mosaic though, so once it’s had 24 hours for the cement to cure, it’ll be all ready for grouting (though that might not happen until next weekend – depends how inspired I feel tomorrow afternoon).

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