A paragraph explaining nothing

The problem with being back at work is that it cuts down on the interesting things to blog about.  Not that work isn’t interesting, but a lot of it is the sort of interesting that sounds really boring when you try and describe it, and some is the kind of interesting that I can’t really talk about because it would breach the privacy of our content providers.  And some is a combination of the two, like what I was working on today: I’ve been given a large number of files from an organisation with the worst filing system I’ve ever seen, and I spent the day trying to make sense of the many different naming conventions they’ve used for their files, so that I can at least slightly automate the process of creating metadata.  Which was an interesting intellectual challenge, but very boring to describe, and even if it wasn’t, I couldn’t go into any detail about the problems I was running into without telling you stuff that would let you guess the identity of the organisation, which would be embarrassing for them given that I’ve just told you how rubbish their filing system is.  And embarrassing the organisations you’re working with is never a good look.  So yeah, not much I can say about how I spent my day, really.
But at least I managed to fill* a blog post telling you why I haven’t got anything to fill a blog post with… (this is probably a very sad thing).
*Ok, so maybe “fill” isn’t really the right word for a post that’s effectively just one medium-length paragraph…

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    1. As long as you’re not producing thousands of files a week, naming them semi-randomly, and then expecting me to sort them into some kind of sensible order, you’re good 🙂

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