No grout, just cake

Didn’t get round to grouting the mosaic today after all – when I read the instructions properly and saw the bit about having to clean the tiles 12 hours after you grout them, I decided to leave it until next weekend when I could actually manage that without having to get up early tomorrow morning to do it.  I don’t know if it has to be exactly 12 hours, or if it would be a bad thing to leave it more than 12 hours before cleaning them, but it seems safer to actually follow the instructions.
Anyway, I spent most of the afternoon baking, and baking and grouting probably wouldn’t have gone together particularly well 🙂  The baking is for morning tea tomorrow – it’s the birthday of one of the team on Tuesday, but we’re all going to be out at a training course all day, so we decided we’d surprise her with morning tea tomorrow instead.  So I said I’d make the birthday cake: chocolate fudge cake, of course.

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