Not quite as impressive

It may look a bit underwhelming next to yesterday’s photos of the amazing Crack’d for Christchurch mosaics, but I’m happy enough with how my little attempt is progressing, for a first effort.  I finally got round to doing the grouting this morning, and it’s now drying, ready to be polished tonight.  It was, as promised, a very messy process, which managed to escape the bounds of the newspapers I thought I’d covered everything with (lesson learnt – next time just do it outside).

The mud pie stage – totally covered with a thick layer of grout.

Half an hour later (after the grout has had time to set a bit), with most of the excess cleaned off.

The wind and rain last week removed most of the blossom from the cherry tree, but now the apple tree in the back yard is putting on a show.

As always, I forgot to prune it over the winter, so chances are very few of those flowers will end up as actual apples (and of those that do, most will be eaten by birds or coddling moth before I get to them anyway), but I might get enough for a batch of chutney, at least.

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