Giving a speech tonight at Toastmasters – it’s my 6th speech, so that means I’ll be more than half way to my first qualification.  I’m definitely seeing a benefit from attending (as well as having met new cool and interesting people, of course) – even though giving a speech is still nerve-wracking, I’m getting a lot better at hiding my nerves 🙂  And actually, just knowing that I don’t *look* terrified, even if I feel it, helps the confidence a lot.
The speech I’m giving tonight I’ve titled “I’ll sing aboot a wee bit toon” (so I’m sure Mum can guess what it’s about).  I was supposed to choose a topic that would allow me to practice what they call “vocal variety”, ie using different volume, pitch and emotion in your voice to emphasise what you’re talking about, so I decided to talk about my memories of New Years Eve parties with Granny and Granda, and especially about Granda dragging me up to sing “The Green Oak Tree” to the neighbours.  Don’t worry though, my vocal variety will NOT extend to me actually singing any of it tonight – I wouldn’t want to inflict that on anyone!   Hearing me attempt to pronounce Scottish words properly will be enough of a torture, I’m sure 😉

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