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I really have nothing to say, but I just stumbled across this amazing site while searching for something completely different, and had to quickly post something just to have the excuse to use one of her gorgeous drop-caps.  So I suppose I should think of something to fill up a paragraph or two to make it worth posting.  Um… life has been busy, but only with the usual work and study (I got my first essay finished and handed in, yay!  Now I’ve just got to work on my project and presentation…) which seems to fill every waking moment.  It’s a good thing I’m still enjoying both so much 🙂  If only the funding would come through to make my temporary job change permanent, it would be perfect.
In exciting news, I almost have a new computer.  MrPloppy ordered the last of the parts yesterday, and hopefully should be able to start building it at the weekend.  It’s going to be shiny and fast and (most importantly) have pretty lights inside.   Not that there’s going to be much point in having an excitingly fast computer seeing as I have no time for gaming at the moment anyway, but at least I’ll have the pretty lights to look at while I type up my project 🙂  And it’s only three months until the end of semester when I’ll have finished all my study for the year… and it’ll be summer so I won’t want to spend all my time sitting inside at a computer…
It’s been a while since I posted a list of recent catches (in fact, a very long while – I just checked my catch email folder, and it goes back to March!), so here’s a round-up:
A lot from the Ireland trip, of course (and yes, I know I still haven’t posted my travel journal – I promise I will eventually):

And a few others:

Right, that’s filled up enough of the page to make the drop-cap look good, so I’d better get back to work.

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