Ornaments and fighting cats

Poor Parsnips got in a fight last night, and I suspect got the worst of it, because she was looking pretty sorry for herself.  Lots of tufts of fur sticking out all over, and definitely a few tender spots she wouldn’t let me touch.  She was looking a bit happier when I left for work this morning though, so hopefully there’s no serious damage.  I’m not sure who the fight was with (I only heard the screeching), but I suspect the black and white cat that hangs around my garden – there have been words between them before.

My speech went really well last night – much praise from everyone.  There were of course a few things I could have improved upon, but I was pretty pleased with my efforts.  Now I’ve just got to start planning the next one…

As I was leaving to go to Toastmasters last night there was a knock on the door – one of the neighbours dropping off a parcel that had been delivered to them by mistake.  I had no idea what it was at first, because the return address was in South Carolina, but of course it was my ornament from the Bookcrossing Ornament Exchange, from elsbeth22.  Or actually, ornaments, because there were three of them, and lots of other wee goodies as well.

Three ornaments, a handmade card, bookcrossing stickers and postcard, chocolate coins and maple sugar candy – a treasure trove packed into that little parcel!  As always, I’m left feeling inadequate in what I sent to my swap partner.  Can’t wait to put my tree up though 🙂
(Duh, it’s just occurred to me that the leaf is supposed to be a bookmark, not an ornament.  I think I still want to hang it on the tree 🙂 )

I attended a very high level meeting this morning, about a project we may end up working on.  Lots of government types with serious-sounding titles (I kept thinking of that bit at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark: “We have top men working on it right now.” – “Who?” – “Top men.”).  One of our directors was there to do most of the talking, so my role was mostly just to answer any questions about the day to day operation of the programme.  But it struck me during the meeting how much I’ve grown into this role in the last year – a year ago a meeting like that would have terrified me, now it’s just all in a day’s work, and I’m perfectly confident talking to all sorts of important people about what we do.
I still haven’t quite figured out how to do the dance of the business cards properly though… 🙂

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