Peace at last

Children are a thing of wonder. As in, I wonder how on earth they managed to get jam on that?  Dad and the kids went home this morning, and my plan had been to spend the day cleaning the house (it definitely needs it – those kids have an amazing ability to generate mess, and their attempts to help clean up just added to the chaos – I’m still finding crockery in random cupboards after they did the dishes…), but I ended up just crashing and watching a DVD for most of the afternoon.  I’m very glad I decided to ask the boss for a couple of extra days’ leave, so I don’t have to go to work until Wednesday – I definitely wouldn’t have been ready to go back on Monday!
It was great fun having them here though – despite occasional frustrations they’re basically good kids, and it’s lovely that they still haven’t grown out of thinking that I’m cool 🙂  But that doesn’t mean I’m not seriously enjoying the peace of having them gone again!

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