I can has sleep nao?

Last night was fun, but I didn’t get home until 11.30 – which wouldn’t have been a problem except that I had to get up at 6 to catch the complicated series of buses to get me over to New Brighton (getting anywhere by bus on a Sunday morning is not fun – when I asked the bus website’s route finder search how to get to New Brighton by 8.30 am on a Sunday, it kept trying to tell me to catch the bus on Saturday night…)
I did manage to get up in time though, and (apart from a lot of hanging round at bus stops because connections don’t work sensibly) successfully made it out to New Brighton, where Lytteltonwitch and I were joining the Summer Starter fun run/walk – 10 km from New Brighton to Redcliffs.
It was a lovely day for a walk – despite forecasts of rain, the sun was shining, and just enough of a cool breeze to make walking pleasant.  There were a LOT of people on the walk – probably a couple of thousand doing the full 10 km, plus I don’t know how many joined for the final 4 km.  So it was a bit crowded at first, but we weren’t in a hurry so hung back until the pack spread out a bit, then had a pleasant stroll the rest of the way.  They had musicians stationed along the way to provide entertainment – everything from a string quartet, to a school rock band singing Guns ‘N Roses badly, to a lonely DJ playing club music in an empty field.  There were spot prizes for costumes, so a lot of people (and dogs) were dressed up, which made for a very colourful crowd.  I did take some photos, but they’re in the long “photos I really must sort through and decide which are worth putting on the blog” queue – so you might see them one day, maybe…
10 km didn’t exactly count as a long walk for either of us, considering the amount of walking we both do, so when we got to Redcliffs, after a quick stop for tacos and cake for lunch, we continued on to Sumner.  We ended up walking right along to the end of the beach, in search of a giraffe, but it had been removed because it had been vandalised 🙁  By then we both agreed we’d walked far enough, so we stopped off at a cafe for a snack (and an excuse to sit down for a bit), then went back into the centre of Sumner to check out another giraffe (and peruse the craft market) and find a bus stop to catch the bus back into town.
A lovely day, but I am so tired now!   All that fresh sea air and exercise kept me awake at the time, but now the lack of sleep is seriously catching up with me – think I’ll be going to bed pretty much straight after dinner tonight.

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  1. What a great sounding day! You must be so pleased to have LW back home again. I’m watching her job hunting postings with interest and empathy.
    Your walking achievements leave me totally amazed.

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