Running around like a mad thing

I may possibly have over-scheduled this weekend just a tad.  It’s not my fault that all the interesting stuff happens the same weekend! (Though I suppose it is my fault I can never turn anything down – a serious case of FOMO, as I believe the cool kids call it.)
This morning started with a race to get some housework done and washing hung out while the sun was still shining (the forecast for the weekend was rain, but so far it’s actually been pretty nice), then bake a cake to take as a plate tonight, and finish off my present for the Christchurch Bloggers Secret Santa.  I’d just finished icing the cake when Lytteltonwitch arrived, to go to the St Christopher’s booksale.
The sale was a bit of a disappointment – the prices weren’t that much cheaper than in their shop, and even though the sale was almost over they wouldn’t give us a fill a bag deal (though LW did in the end manage to get them to do a deal for children’s books, but again it was no better than they do in their shop).  I miss their old shop with the $2 a bag table 🙁  I did buy a couple of books, but only ones I actually want to read – the prices were too high to be able to stock up on books for releasing.
And now I’ve got half an hour to sit down and catch my breath before I’m off out again, to a pot-luck dinner and movie night being hosted by one of the women from my Toastmasters club.

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