As predicted, I spent most of yesterday mucking around in Mum’s craft room – she has so many fun toys to play with!  My plan originally was just to make a few little simple gift tags (because we’re having our Christmas tonight, with Brother and family, now that they’re back from Middlemarch, and I’d forgotten to label any of my gifts), but of course, being me, I got a bit over-ambitious, and the simple little gift tags turned into major productions.  I had fun though 🙂
I’ve blurred the names out in my photos, but you can still get the general idea (just ignore the fact they’re not at all matched to the wrapping paper…)

(With a family full of deer-hunters, I couldn’t resist the “Rudolph as venison” joke 🙂 )

(Not very Christmassy, but perfect for Niece, whose ideal fashion statement would be pink camo)

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