Random swirls or a cat's tail?

Lytteltonwitch asked if my mosaic was going to be a cat. No, just a random swirly pattern, but if you squint your eyes the right way it might be a cat’s tail…

It may look complete, but actually I didn’t have enough of the yellow tiles to finish the sides:

Plus of course it still needs to be grouted. Both will have to wait until next weekend when I can get to Hands to buy more tiles and the grout. I’m pretty pleased with how it’s looking so far, though.

The Gwilks came round for dinner last night, followed by a few games (of course!).  They’ve just acquired a new cat, an SPCA rescue.  I popped round to visit her today (and to borrow MrsGwilk’s tile cutters), and she’s gorgeous – a little grey shorthair that’s probably got a touch of Russian Blue in her ancestry.  Very friendly too – they only got her yesterday, but she seems to have settled right in, and was sitting comfortably on mini-Gwilk’s bed and accepting tickles from all visitors.  She’s tiny though – she’s 18 months old, but looks about the size Pushkin and Parsnips were at half that age.

The cherry tree survived the hail, and is now in full glorious bloom.

I love spring!

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