Another Secret Santa down

End of year party for Toastmasters tonight, with charades followed by one of those Secret Santa swaps where you get to steal gifts.  All the gifts had to be home-made, so there was loads of imagination in them – some were crafted, some baked, and one was a gift certificate promising a couple of hours’ work.  There wasn’t as much stealing going on as usual, I think because everyone was more interested in opening new gifts to see what they were.  I thought about stealing something (I had my eye on a biscuit jar filled with biscuits – more for the jar than the biscuits, although they looked good too), but decided to open a gift instead, and got a trivet made out of wine corks – very creative recycling.
A few people had contributed extra gifts, just in case, so there were some left over at the end of the evening.  We talked about drawing names out of a hat to have another round, but then decided it would be nicer to put them aside for the people who couldn’t make it tonight.  So we’ll have another round of gift-opening when we start back up in January.

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