The future of our country?

Politics has invaded the CEISMIC office – we have a candidate in our midst.  Well, sort of.  Our team member Lucy-Jane flats with Ben Uffindell, the creator of The Civilian, a satirical website along the lines of The Onion.  He recently announced he was running for parliament, founding The Civilian Party, a joke party (though he argues it’s less of a joke than the major parties are…) with policies like giving every poverty-stricken child a llama, and free icecream for everyone.
In order to register for the elections, he has to publish a Party List – the list of candidates who’ll become MPs if his party gains enough votes.  So he’s put Lucy-Jane on the list, in the much-coveted number 2 position (it’s normally where a party’s Deputy Leader is placed). Given that earlier in the year she had a short-lived modelling career impersonating Pippi Longstocking in a runway show, I think she’d make an excellent MP.  She’d certainly brighten up Parliament a bit!
Actually, we all thought Lucy-Jane’s kitten, Nelson, should be made Deputy Leader, but apparently New Zealand is not forward-thinking enough to have extended universal suffrage to include cats, so he’s not eligible.  So until more enlightened thinking prevails, poor Nelson has to be like Kim Dotcom, content to be the power behind the throne.  Or maybe the power on the throne’s lap…
Forget Party Vote Green, I say Party Vote Civilian 😉

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  1. well now, I can still vote from here and you know what, I have to say I like the llama idea, makes more sense than anything else I’ve heard from the politicians! Plus the thought of a cat really being in control gives me the warm fuzzies 😉

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