I'm a programming genius!

I‘m feeling pretty proud of myself – I was playing around with some Javascript stuff at work today, and I actually managed to build a wee tool that will be useful for the team!  Instead of generating kittens or looking up words in the library, it actually does a useful task that will save us some time.  Well, save us a few clicks, anyway…  We’d been asked by someone to find them some suitable images for a project (which happens quite often – even though the archive is of course searchable, we know its contents so well (because we’re the ones who put the stuff in there in the first place) that we’re usually better than the search engine at finding things).  The trouble is, once you find the image you’re looking for, it takes several clicks to get through to the page where you can download it.  So I built a bookmarklet that generates a URL to take you straight from the default view through to the download page in one click.  Yeah, not exactly ground-breaking (and I’m sure anyone experienced with Javascript who looked at my code could tell me a much more efficient way of doing it), but it works!  And it’ll definitely come in handy next time we have to do an image search for someone.

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