Belated maze video

Remember ages ago Lytteltonwitch and I were down in Alexandra, and I said we’d greatly amused ourselves by walking backwards out of a maze, and I promised to show you a video?  And then I didn’t?  Well, finally I managed to get the video edited (mainly just removing the “um, I think I’m recording, I’m not sure if I’ve pushed the right button” stuff) and converted into the right format for YouTube  (the solution was to give up on my quest to find video-editing software that doesn’t come with a free helping of virus, and just take the memory card into work and use the software we use for converting videos for uploading to CEISMIC).  So, here it is at last (and not at all worth the wait): FutureCat and Lytteltonwitch giggling stupidly over their very literal interpretation of the instruction to “walk the maze backwards” to get back out:
[Hmm, so apparently DD strips out YouTube embed codes. So you’ll just have to click on this link instead if you want to see it.]

The awards thing yesterday was fun – great to catch up with all my old union colleagues again (including one of the national staff, who’d been down to run some training – unfortunately she had to race off to the airport to catch a plane back to Wellington, so it was just a “hi, good to see you again” in passing), and the branch president gave a lovely speech singing our praises.  No cake train though 🙁  (but Harvestbird and I made up for that by going to a cafe afterwards 🙂 )
A couple of people took photos of us with our certificates, so if I get a copy I’ll ask permission to post them to my blog (eventually…).

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    1. No matter how many times I watched it while I was editing it, I still kept laughing when you walk into the tree 🙂

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