Half a duck

I haven’t been posting in-progress pictures of the birds, because the birds themselves are kind of an in-progress for the quilt itself, but I had to post this one, just to show you how complicated they’re starting to get now:

Yeah, all those individual pieces (including the two at the top I haven’t done yet) have to be sewn together (in the right order, and making sure the seams line up perfectly) to make up just one bird.  And this one’s relatively simple compared to what is still to come…

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  1. I don’t think I wanted to see that! It will be interesting to see how I feel about that level of complexity by the time I get that far.
    I love the bright colours in this, looking forward to seeing it all in one piece.

    1. Don’t panic, the principle is exactly the same as for the simpler ones. Just take it slowly and carefully and you’ll have no problem. (And by the time you get this far, you’ll have had enough practice on the simpler ones you’ll be an expert paper-piecer anyway 🙂 )

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