DD weirdness

I just noticed something very strange.  My last week’s worth of posts only show up when I’m logged in.  If I’m not logged in, I can only see posts up until 6 February, even though all of my posts are public.
Logged in view of my homepage:

Same page, but not logged in:

A completely different list of recent posts shows up on the DD homepage too, depending on whether I’m logged in or not.
Logged in:

Not logged in:

(and just to add to the mystery, the latest post that shows up from me there is from 8 February, not the 6 February post that shows up on my own home page)
If I go directly to a more recent post by copying and pasting the URL, then I can see it even if I’m not logged in, and I can use the “previous” buttons to go back to earlier posts (but the “next” button to go back to the post I started on doesn’t always show up).
Oh, and apparently Chrome doesn’t like DD at all.  I was trying it out in different browsers, just to see if it was a browser thing rather than a logged in/not logged in thing, and this is what my diary’s background looks like in Chrome:

Think I’ll stick with Firefox for now…

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  1. Hmmmm, this is quite likely a caching issue, I’ll check in to it for you when I get a chance (probably not until Wednesday I’m afraid, big exam coming up at work)

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