Good and bad

Things that were good about today:

  • I had lunch with Harvestbird, which is always enjoyable, and had the bonus today that she came bearing gifts: leftover birthday cake and a bag of blackboy peaches (terrible name, excellent peaches).
  • My cold is, if a long way from gone, at least beginning to reduce in intensity.
  • It isn’t raining.

Things that were bad about today:

  • I have a new leak in my ceiling.  This time it’s not the roof, it’s a leaking pipe.  Anyone know any good plumbers? (On the plus side, it’s a pipe I was intending on having replaced anyway (because it’s an old steel pipe that’s starting to rust, and the rust was getting into my hot water cylinder, so I was going to get it replaced with copper), and had budgeted to do so, so at least it’s not an unexpected cost.  Replacing the damaged ceiling, on the other hand…)
  • My cold is at that exhausting stage where I just want to sleep all the time, but I have to do annoying things like go to work.
  • QuakeStudies is still down, and it seems like everything I want to get done at work is something I really need access to the database to be able to do.

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