Dear Diary being down yesterday has thrown me off completely, because I (re-)posted yesterday’s entry this morning, which means I’ve been thinking all day that I’d already written a post today, so I haven’t been keeping an eye out for something to write about.  So now that I’ve finally remembered that this morning’s post doesn’t really count, I’m completely uninspired for a topic.
Not that today wasn’t without its high points.  I met up with Judy for (a rather long) morning tea, something we try and do every month or two so she can keep me informed of the gossip back in the departments ;-).  She’s announced her retirement at the end of next month, so our tea break opportunities are coming to an end soon – we’ll have to make the most of them while we can.
Because of the long tea break, I took a shorter lunch, but I still managed to get outside to read in the sun for a wee while (have I ever mentioned what a nice campus we have? (well, as long as you ignore the ugly “Brutalist” architecture, that is.  The trees are nice, though…)).  Another thing I’m trying to make the most of while there’s still a hint of summer in the air.
Add in the giggles provided by amusing messages from Lytteltonwitch (about search and rescue cats) and Harvestbird (clickbaiting dogs), plus a really fun Toastmasters meeting tonight, and yeah, for an uninspiring sort of day I actually enjoyed quite a lot of it.
Life is good.

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