I'm counting this as yesterday

DD was down most of yesterday, so I had to post yesterday’s entry on Livejournal instead.  But look, proof I really didn’t break my daily posting streak:

Anyway, here’s a copy and paste of what I would have written yesterday if the site had let me in:

A few interesting recent catches:

My Favourite Wife by Tony Parsons – another catch from the Wellington YHA. I really should calculate the stats one day, because I’m sure I get a higher catch rate from there than anywhere else I’ve ever released.

Mixed Magics by Diana Wynne Jones – an anonymous finder checks back in five years later (having joined this time!). Even better, they re-released the book in Australia.

First Warning by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough – a catch from the Adelaide YHA. The anonymous finder didn’t enjoy the book, unfortunately, but at least they journalled it.

Lost Time by Catharine Arnold – a catch from our recent trip down to Alexandra. I’m really glad this one got caught, because I had it in mind for a themed release on the clock on the hill for a very long time before I finally got round to it. And it’s already had some adventures with its new reader, and looks like it’s been re-released, too.

Fishing from the Boat Ramp by Jillian Sullivan – another catch from Alexandra, although the book somehow managed to travel to Stewart Island in the meantime (I’d love to know if it ended up on a boat ramp there, as well – there are a lot of boats in Stewart Island, so there’s a fair chance it did). And in one of those lovely examples of bookcrossing serendipity, it’s exactly the book its finder needed at that moment. I love it when that happens!

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