A witchy pair

Now that Christmas is out the way, I can finally show you all the work-in-progress photos I took of the secret project I spent the last few days working on – a Christmas/welcome home/house re-warming present for Lytteltonwitch.



And the finished product:

I’m pretty proud of my work 🙂
I stumbled across the witch’s hat pattern last week sometime while looking for something completely different, and was immediately inspired to make a cushion out of it (I shrunk the pattern in half), especially as I knew Lytteltonwitch’s house is looking a bit bare at the moment as she slowly refurnishes (having shed all her belongings before she went overseas).  I wanted to make a companion (because one cushion would just look lonely), so after a bit more googling on the themes of witches, bats and spiders I found a bat I liked, and a plan was formed.
The bat pattern was a bit weird – it didn’t actually work as printed, so I ended up having to redraw some of the lines (and completely eliminate others, which didn’t seem to serve any useful purpose at all).  Which is actually quite cool that I’ve learnt enough about how paper piecing works that I can now actually recognise mistakes in patterns and know how to fix them!
Anyway, I was very pleased how they turned out, and Lytteltonwitch seemed pretty happy with her present.  Mission accomplished.
And with that success I’m now feeling super-inspired to try more quilting – especially as mum gave me a book on free-motion quilting for Christmas.  Watch this space for more creativity…

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  1. What a fabulous gift for LyttletonWitch, you have done a super stunning job !everything is great – the colours (noting splashes of purple) are tops, the designs wow and the quilting – just the best. Congratulations.

    1. Yeah, it’s so hard to photograph fabric in a way that captures the actual colours, when the lighting changes it so much. All of those photos were taken in natural light, but at different times of day so the light was different each time.

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