March Meetup

Had our second meetup of the newly-revived Christchurch Bookcrossing meetups this morning, and yet again we had new people turn up: NiceOrc (whose name I vaguely remembered from years ago) and her daughter. Plus Chuckacraft, who was there last month, came back, so it’s feeling like we’ve got the beginnings of a viable Christchurch meetup group again. We’ve decided to try a new venue though – although Addington Coffee Co-op has great food and atmosphere, it’s too popular – it’s incredibly busy on weekend mornings, so we struggled to find a table big enough to hold us all (and they don’t take reservations). The plan is to try out Beat Street Cafe next time, which apparently doesn’t get busy until nearer lunchtime, so we should be able to snag a decent sized table for brunch.
I was running a bit late this morning, so didn’t have time to dig out many books to take to the meetup, just Conrad’s Fate by Diana Wynne Jones, The Heart of the Country by Fay Weldon, and The Sandman: The Wake by Neil Gaiman. And of course, ended up bringing home as many as I’d released: The Gift by James Patterson, Bonkers by Michelle Holman, and Gringo Soup by JB Aspinall (well, I had to encourage the new people by making sure they’d get catches on their books, didn’t I? (ok, so maybe that doesn’t explain why I picked up one of Lytteltonwitch’s books…))

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