This could be dangerous

Jenny is a serious knitter.  She knits vastly complicated patterns that actually turn into wearable clothing, using the sorts of fancy expensive wool that you have to be pretty confident about your ability to spend that much money on.  And she’s been trying to tempt me for ages to pick up some needles – a temptation I’ve been personfully resisting, because I really really don’t need another hobby, especially one that has potential for buying All The Things (witness my very expensive return to photography…).  Also, there’s the not insignificant factor that it’s been about 20 years since I last knitted, and I wasn’t all that good at it back then either.
Yeah, you can see where this is going, can’t you?  She finally broke through my defences by offering me a huge bag of left-over wool she was clearing out.  And I’m not very good at turning down craft supplies….
So after a quick refresher lesson in casting on, and how purl works (amazingly, my fingers could still remember knit, even if my brain couldn’t, but they were a bit wobbly on the other stuff), I have made a thing:
Not sure what the thing is going to be yet. I have visions of a patchworky sort of lap blanket thingy, but if I get bored or frustrated, it may be a patchworky sort of small cushion cover thingy instead 😉

In other news, there isn’t much other news.  Not even any more pretty pictures to show you, because the last few days have been drizzly and dreary and not at all conducive to wandering around with a camera.  So they’ve been spent mostly in a curled up lazily indoors sort of way, with either book, movies or computer games.  Very nice to be properly lazy for a change, really.
I did venture into Riccarton briefly on Boxing Day, in case the sales held anything interesting.  But the crowds and noise were so horrible that apart from grabbing a few clothes for work I just gave up and went home again.
Yesterday was a bit more social – as well as the knitting lesson, I went out for lunch with Jenny and MrJenny, and then Harvestbird and Harvestbaby came round in the afternoon (I think we’d all reached hermit saturation point at the same time :-)) – a very pleasant day all round.

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