Stupid cat

Parsnips is currently sitting in the laundry basket. I’m not sure that’s where she intended to be (I suspect she jumped up thinking she’d land on top of the lid (one of her preferred places to sit and watch the world go by), not realising I’d just taken everything out of the basket to put in the washing machine and hadn’t put the lid back on yet), but she seems happy enough in there.  Strange animal.
Update: I just went back into the bedroom, a couple of hours later, and she’s still in the basket.  I thought maybe that meant she’d got stuck in there and couldn’t jump out herself (the height is well within her jumping ability, but it is quite a narrow space), so I lifted her out.  At which she gave me an evil look, turned around and jumped straight back in again.  I guess it’s just a comfy spot…

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    1. She’s gorgeous! And totally giving the same look as Parsnips of “What? I like it in here!” 🙂

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