And four hours later…

I’m shattered, but it’s done*. And added to the wood Dad brought up in January, means I’ve got more than enough firewood to last me through the winter.  I won’t show you a picture of the finished stack, because it’s nowhere near Yetzirah’s standards for elegantly-stacked woodpiles (partly because the base stack I was adding to was pretty wobbly, having been constructed by the boys, and partly just because I couldn’t be bothered expending any extra energy- I just wanted to get the wood into the garage and under shelter, so the last few wheelbarrows-full were pretty sloppily thrown on top of the pile).  But in the winter I will see it as a thing of great beauty, I’m sure.
Don’t think I’ll be getting much housework done in what’s left of the day though.  In fact, I might be ordering a pizza for dinner…
*Well, apart from the small matter of sweeping up the sawdust – I decided that can definitely wait for another day!

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