Stupidly early in the morning

As promised, photo of the work in progress:

Gotta go now, need to get to the airport (flying up to Wellington for the day always seems like such a good idea – after all it’s just a 40 minute flight, hardly any time at all.  Until you add on check-in time, and getting to and from the airport at each end, and everything else, and you find yourself having to be up at 5 am…)

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  1. Honestly – I too am ‘toying’ with idea of Mosaic Doings – but unlike you – I do a lot of toying and froying before I can decide! All started when my poor birdbath collapsed from too much winter frost – The bath part is now placed in my garden partly (artistically) covered by soil and filled with succulents! so am ‘toying’ with the idea of finding/purchasing a large round shallow bowl that I could mosaic the inside – and then secure it to the bird bath stand !

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