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The best thing about having a week off and nothing in particular planned for it, is that you don’t feel like you’ve wasted your time when you get unexpectedly sidetracked into a project – like totally reorganising how you store your fabric (to pick an example completely at random 🙂 )
Yeah.  I started this morning thinking I’d maybe go and buy some fabric for a project I’ve got in mind (not that I’ve finished the other three quilts I’ve got in progress at the moment, but I’ve spent the last year accumulating ideas, with no time to start on any of them, so you can’t blame me for a little impatience).  But, being sensible and of an occasionally frugal nature, I thought I really should check my stash first and see if I had anything suitable before I bought more fabric.
So I went to my fabric drawer and began rummaging, and discovered that my stash has now grown to a size that the drawer was completely full, and random rummaging just wasn’t going to work:

So I spent the next six hours rearranging the room so that I could store my fabric in a more organised way. No longer all just crammed in a drawer, but out where I can see it, and (roughly) sorted into colours:

Doesn’t that look so much more inspiring now? (Well, at least until Parsnips decides it’s a comfy place to sleep, and knocks half of it onto the floor and covers the other half in cat fur.  I give it a week…)
The stack on the left of the top shelf is the really big pieces (1/2 metre or more) that could form the basis of a big project. Then the rest of that shelf, and the one below, is the bulk of my stash – fat quarters and smaller, but still big enough to cut a few decent sized pieces from. On the lower shelf is my box of quilting supplies – cottons, bobbins, pins, and the fancy grippy gloves and slidey mat I bought myself for Christmas but haven’t tried out yet – and my scrap basket, full of bits that are too small to really be useful, but too big to just throw out. They might end up in a super-scrappy quilt one day, plus they can come in handy for paper-piecing.
There’s still a few bits in the drawer that were too small to fold neatly for the shelf, but too big for the scrap basket, but they’re much more manageable (and rummageable!) now.
Of course, after all that I still didn’t manage to find anything in my stash suitable for my new project, so I still need to go and buy more fabric…

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