It's not a new hobby, honestly (yeah, I'm not convinced either)

You know how I keep saying I have too many hobbies? And that I really really don’t need any more, especially of the crafty variety that involve a large investment in tools and material (not to mention time)?  And that I’m really really really going to stick to just quilting and cross-stitch and lace making (oh yeah, and decoupage, and there’s a bag of knitting sitting in the cupboard, but that’s it, honestly (the odd bit of card making/papercraft when I’m at Mum’s place doesn’t count, because that’s her hobby, I just have a play sometimes)).  Yeah, I failed again.  It’s really not my fault though, it’s MrsGwilk’s.
See, what happened was that a couple of months ago the Gwilks were at my place and MrsGwilk was admiring my coffee table with the fabric decoupage fake mosaic.  And she mentioned how she’s always wanted to learn to do mosaic, and suggested that we go to a class together sometime.  So last night we did – we spent the evening at Hands learning to cut tiles (actually, “cut” implies way too much accuracy – “break in vaguely the direction you want and hope for the best” is a lot closer to reality) and break crockery, and all about glues and grout and other exciting stuff, and made a start on our own projects.  Actually, MrsGwilk, being sensible enough to choose a small project and use large chunks of crockery for it, pretty much finished hers – she just needed to wait 24 hours for the glue to cure, and then she’d be able to grout it.  I, on the other hand, being my usual over-ambitious self, came up with a large(ish) and complicated design which necessitated many many many very small pieces of tile, so only got about a third of the way through all the breaking and gluing before it was time to go home.  So yet another project needing a weekend devoted to finishing.
At least I haven’t actually invested in any tools yet.  MrsGwilk has a set of tilecutters she acquired ages ago as part of a box of random tools, and she’s promised I can borrow them whenever I want, so I can continue to pretend to myself that I’m just dabbling, and really haven’t acquired yet another hobby.
Photos of the work in progress will follow if I manage to get home tonight while it’s still light enough to take them.

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  1. lol the first step is admitting you have a problem….. the second step is apparently something about wanting to do something about it, I dunno, never got that far, got distracted by a shiny new hobby!

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