Timing is everything

That is three cubic metres of firewood. And the forecast for tomorrow is rain. Which means I have to get all of it stacked this afternoon if I want to keep it dry. And I’ve still got a cold.  This is going to be fun…
In my defence, I ordered it months ago (because they do a cheap deal if you order it in summer for delivery before the end of March), so I didn’t know I’d be sick.  And when they rang last week to confirm the delivery date I still didn’t know I’d be sick.  I did consider ringing and cancelling, but then I’d have to have paid full price to get another load delivered later, and I’m much too stingy for that 🙂  I’d much rather stack wood while I’m sick than miss out on the discount!
Oh well, as long as I do it in short bursts with lots of rest in between it shouldn’t be too bad.  Don’t think I’ll be getting anything else done today, though…

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    1. Yes, I was thinking of your excellent wood-stacking skills as I contemplated the pile. Sure you don’t feel like popping over for a quick visit? It’s only about 12 hours by plane… 🙂

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