Oops, broke it

It’s been a tiring week, that’s my excuse.  So I got home last night, had dinner, crashed in front of a mindless video for a while, then went to bed.  And completely forgot I hadn’t written a blog post.  So my streak of (if I’m counting correctly) 244 days is now over.  I missed a day, and not even in a “it’s just after midnight so this totally still counts” sort of way.  This is now well and truly Saturday morning and there’s no way I can pretend not to have missed a day.
Actually, I’m kind of relieved it’s over.  It was an interesting exercise, and definitely got me back into the habit of blogging, but it had got a bit silly at times, when I’d realise late at night that I hadn’t written anything, so even though I really needed to sleep I’d still sit down at the computer just so I could say I’d written something every day.
I’m still going to try and blog every day, but now if I miss the odd day here or there I’m not going to stress about it (and certainly not going to leap out of bed in the middle of the night to write something if I forget!).

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  1. I’m in my third year of “365” photos. Going strong so far, but has been close a few times. (I take the pictures on the day, though sometimes post them days later if I have a backlog of photos to process.)

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