I still don't want your @#$% Sky TV

Generally, I try to be a nice person.  I even try to be polite to telesales people – it’s not their fault they have an irritating job to do, and they’re being paid a pittance to do it.  But I’m afraid I fail when it comes to Sky TV telesales.  They call me at least once a fortnight, and every time I tell them I’m not interested, and ask them to stop calling me.  And a week or so later I’ll get another call.  And I tell them I’m still not interested, and getting less and less interested with every call I get, because the constant pestering is so incredibly irritating.
I really don’t see the logic of this kind of spam calling.  Surely they must keep some record of who they’ve called and what the response was?  And surely their clever marketing people must realise that if someone says no to your product, and you call them back a week later and offer it to them again, they’ll get annoyed?  And that making potential customers annoyed is not going to endear them to your company?  I wouldn’t mind if they were calling every six months or so, but it seriously is every week or two.  It’s got to the point that I reckon even if they offered me a free lifetime subscription I’d turn them down on principle, just because they’ve irritated me so much.
And unfortunately, it’s the poor telesales workers, who have no say in who they have to call, who bear the brunt of my annoyance.  Tonight’s caller got as far as “Hi, I’m Keiran and I’m calling from Sk..” before he got a very terse “I said I’m not interested, stop calling” and the phone slammed down .  Sorry Keiran, I’m sure you’re a very nice person and didn’t deserve that, but you work for the most irritating company in the history of telesales, and your bosses aren’t available for me to slam the phone down on.

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  1. They get in trouble if you tell them they can’t call back. So then they ‘forget’ to put it down. Next time ask for a manager and tell them you want your number removed.

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