Calling Dunedin bookcrossers

Got a phone call out of the blue last night from a former Dunedin bookcrosser, Simon.  I didn’t even remember who he was when he introduced himself (and I still can’t remember what his screenname was), but eventually a vague memory formed of a pleasant but shy young man who I’d met a few times when I’d been down there for meetups or conventions.
He said he’s been in Waikari Hospital for the last three years.  I didn’t ask why, but I got the impression it was pretty serious – it sounded like he’s been pretty much incommunicado from the world for that time, but is starting to recover now and has been trying to reach out to old friends.  He said he’s basically going through his phone and calling people whose names he still recognised (I was surprised my number was one of them, but I remember being at a Dunedin meetup once when someone had a new phone and we were all being silly texting each other around the table, so he must have still had my number on his phone from then).
It was a bit of an awkward conversation, given that I was trying for most of it to remember exactly who he was, and he was obviously equally struggling to place me (he said the drugs he’s been on have damaged his memory), but he seemed really pleased to have made contact with someone who remembered him, however vaguely. Sounds like he’s feeling pretty lonely.
I don’t know if any of the old Dunedin crowd still read this, but if you do, and if you remember Simon and want to reach out to him and show him a bit of friendship, send me a PM and I’ll give you his phone number.  He said he doesn’t have email set up yet, but is hoping to do so soon.

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