Bloggy party

The Christchurch Bloggers Christmas party was tonight, which means I can finally show you the project I was working on when I attempted to cut my finger off:

Such a simple little bag, you wouldn’t think it could have caused so much trouble, would you? The recipient was really pleased with it anyway, and with the wee bits and pieces I filled it with (a jar of home-made chutney, a Christmas garland made from those clay stars I made a while back, and a cross-stitched bookmark).
The party went really well. Illness and other life stuff meant that only three people turned up in the end, but that was ok – we had a lovely evening anyway, and the small numbers just meant that we could have a good conversation.
And, to be totally show-offy, I was very pleased with how Christmassy and welcoming I had everything looking. When you’ve got people you don’t know well coming to your house, it’s always a confidence boost to know the house looks really good 🙂

And a gratuitous food-pron shot just because:

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