Books and computers

Lytteltonwitch came over today, and we went to investigate a charity shop she’d found that had the bookcrossing holy grail: three books for a dollar.  They had a really good selection, too, so I ended up investing $10 in stocking up with potential themed releases (I was punished for such extravagance when the pile fell off the counter onto my head as I was paying for them (the reason my head was lower than the counter was because I bent down to pick up a book that had fallen off the pile as I put it on the counter – as I bent down, the rest of the pile collapsed) – the volunteer who was serving us was so apologetic, but I couldn’t stop laughing at having been attacked by my pile of books).
Then I repaid the lift to the bookshop with some IT-geekery trying to fix Lytteltonwitch’s computer.  It wasn’t difficult (in theory), it just needed its old anti-virus (which had been causing problems) removed, and a new one installed, but it decided it needed to do a whole load of Windows updates in the middle of all this, which took forever.  So I spent the waiting time registering some of my new books, ready for our planned bookcrossing Christmas tree. And then hanging out the washing, and then making soup, and then…. yeah, I got a lot of useful jobs done while I was waiting – ultimate multi-tasking 😉

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