Cat mat

There is a type of tiny quilt that is commonly called a “mug rug”.  Except, in my house apparently it would be more appropriately called a “cat mat”.

“What? It looked comfortable.”
I have decided that Parsnips follows a definite set of rules when deciding whether to sit on something:

Truth condition Probability of cat sitting on
Thing exists 80%
Thing looks marginally more comfortable than surrounding things 90%
Thing contains words which human is trying to read 95%
Thing has a surface which shed fur will adhere to particularly well 100%
Thing has a surface which shed fur will adhere to particularly well, and it’s moulting season 105%
Sitting on Thing will cause human to inhale or ingest cat dander, and have allergic reaction 110%


  1. Where more than one truth condition entails, probabilities are cumulative
  2. Some mathematicians may tell you that it is impossible to have a probability over 100%. Parsnips has never let this stop her.

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    1. It’s this one: – one of my earliest attempts at quilting, before I really knew what I was doing. The stitching is pretty rough, and there’s a lot of things I’d have done differently if I was making it now, but it’s colourful and cheerful (even after having been through the wash many times – I use it as my dinner place-mat, so even without the cat sitting on it I’d need to wash it regularly), so I like it.

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