The new project

I finally made it to the fabric shop this morning, so I started work on my new project.  It’s only a little one, but reasonably complicated (made even more complicated by the fact that I’m working from my own pattern – it’s based loosely on a quilt I saw online, but simplified a bit (yes, I did just complicate things in an effort to simplify them, but it’s all part of the learning process)).  Anyway, unlike the quilts I’ve made so far, which have either been paper pieced (in which case you just grab the nearest roughly-the-right-sized bit of fabric you have to hand), or made by repeating the same basic block over and over, this one involves lots of very precisely cut little bits.  So I decided to cut everything out and sew the half-square triangles and flying geese first, rather than dive straight into sewing the block.  I’m not sure if that’s made things less or more confusing (I’m starting to understand why so many of the YouTube quilters use those little numbered pins to label their pieces when they work this way!), but at least they look pretty all laid out:

Can you guess what it is yet? 🙂

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    1. It’s great fabric, isn’t it? I bought more than I needed, so I’ll have leftovers to use in another quilt 🙂

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