(Yes, the picture is sideways – I took the photo this morning, but didn’t realise until now that I’d put the block up the wrong way. So rather than try and re-photograph it in the less than ideal light now, I just rotated the photo, even though it looks weird 🙂 )
Anyway, Buzzard done.  I’d hoped to have made some progress on the next bird, but I woke up this morning with a horrible cold (I’m not surprised, really – I’ve been running around like a mad thing for the last few weeks, so I knew I’d inevitably end up crashing at some point), so instead I’ve spent most of the day sleeping.  Plus I ran out of washi tape, which I was using to tape the pattern pieces together (because for these big birds, the pieces don’t fit on a single A4 page for printing, so you have to print them across multiple pages and then stick them together), because washi tape doesn’t melt when you iron over it like sellotape does.  So I can’t make much more progress until I can get to the craft shop and buy some more.  And normally I would have just walked down to Hands, but see above re: sick.
I’m pretty pleased with the buzzard though, despite being in a bit of a dozy state while sewing the last couple of seams.  Tartankiwi gave me a few handy hints on getting those tricky seams to line up when they just won’t cooperate (for instance, she said sometimes all it takes is ironing the seam open instead of to the side to just shift everything over a wee bit and line it up – sounds unlikely, but it works!  I tried it on the recalcitrant kestrel, and it’s looking much better now).
Right, I’m off to bed with a disprin and a book to try and get well.  I suspect I’ll be taking a sick day tomorrow anyway though 🙁

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