Still sick

It’s a cold and miserable drizzly day (I assume this is the far edge of Cyclone Pam that’s sitting somewhere over the North Island at the moment), and I’m feeling cold and miserable and loaded with the cold.  And I can report that daytime TV is just as lacking in entertainment value as it ever was.  And I’m running low on essential medical supplies like disprins and chocolate (oh yeah, and cat food… Parsnips might have something to say if that runs out), so even if I’m still sick tomorrow I’m going to have to venture out to the supermarket to restock.  I hope the rain at least stops by then… (this is about the only time I regret not having a car – maybe I’ll just splurge on a taxi instead of waiting round in the rain for a bus).
Other than that, life is good 😉 How are you?
(Ok, now I’m feeling guilty because I’m moaning about a little cold when I know there’s people on my friends list suffering through major illnesses and injuries.  I hope all of you are healing and recovering, and I promise I’ll stop feeling sorry for myself soon.)

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  1. Yeah, but when you are miserable, you are miserable. Sorry you don’t feel well. And hope you turn the corner before the cat runs out of food.

  2. Sorry I would have offered to take you to the supermarket before I went to work but I have a mammogram appointment tomorrow.

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