Merry Christmas

We went into Latimer Square last night, to the YMCA’s Carols by Candlelight. Bit of a chilly night, with enough of a wind that the candles kept blowing out even with the little protective wind shieldy things they were selling, but it’s always a fun night – I may not appreciate the religious side of a carol service, but I love the music, and especially the feeling of singing as part of such a huge crowd. There was quite an emotional moment when they had a minute’s silence for the earthquake victims (very appropriate, seeing as we were right next to the CTV site), followed by Silent Night – really beautiful, as everyone was singing very quietly, caught up in their own thoughts and memories.
Needless to say, I took my camera, to experiment with what I could do with long exposure times. I learnt a lot from the process (mostly that I’ve got a lot more to learn!), but I got a few decent shots of the people around us (the one at the top of this entry is my favourite):
Anyway, hope you’re all having (or will have) a great Christmas, however you choose to celebrate it (or even if you don’t – I still hope you have a great day).

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  1. Good to see you’re back with the photography. Looking forward to some fabulous pics. Might get my christmas wish of a ‘you’ family photograph !!! I live in hope. xoxo

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